Piss off a teacher

I will NOT go out with you! Teachers have no clue what the fuck it is. Say that on the way to class, your dropped it in the street and it got run over by one of those trucks that paint lines on the road. I love the reaction I get from doing this. You there, in the past, I know exactly what you are thinking. As soon as the teacher overhears, a piece of chalk or a whiteboard pen gets thrown at you, but it is SO worthy. You do know you could lose your job for saying things like that!!! Miley. Age: 26. I am funny spontaneous and hot Nessa. Age: 29. hello guys

100 ways to piss your teacher off

You have my admiration, and sympathy! First, however, you must know what you're doing wrong. Talk when you take a test. You think your child is perfect Parents who recognize there are two sides to every story are remarkably few and far between. Whisper to the person next to you. This one only works if you use a computer or a laptop in class. DarkC Pretend to fall asleep. Put staples all over the floor. Chibi Abel and Cookies It was dark and it was cold! It was a completely full moon as the nightingale sang a song of repentance as the last of January 20th sat by. You wrote so often to me, in your poems and your thoughts, so it's only fair that I return the gesture now.

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Dulsineya. Age: 18. Please read before contacting me

hackonnerdib.info: Ways To Piss Off Your Teachers

Say that that was all the paper you had. Make faces at them when they're not looking. Talk about how bad a teacher they are, really loud, while their talking. Sunday, March 26, Hatred Relived. A less disgusting way is to confuse her alot. Younger Self Dear Katy, I'm looking back at you, dwelling there in our past. X3 Best Friends will instead



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